• I. Ishii (Hiroshima Univ. / Japan)
    "High-Speed Tracking Optical Devices and Their Applications"
  • J. Rolland (Univ. of Rochester / USA)
    "The Emergence of Freeform Optics: Design for Manufacture"
Special Session: “Optics and Photonics for Intelligent Vehicles”
  • Y. Dzialowski (Argo AI / USA)
    "New Advances in Single Photon LiDARs and Application for Driverless Cars"
  • Y. Iwashita (Mazda / Japan)
    "Evolution of Automotive Safety Technology Supported by Optical Devices"
  • R. Schäfer (formerly Philips / Germany)
    "Automotive Lighting in the Next Decade: Challenges and Opportunities"
  • S. Sekiya (Nippon Seiki / Japan)
    "2-Plane Head-Up Display by Using Single DLP-PGU"
Category 1. Optical Design / Simulation
  • D. Granciu (IOR / Romania)
    "Optical Design for Afocal Observation and Aiming Systems"
  • K. Kisamori (AIST, NEC-AIST / Japan)
    "Combining Machine Learning with Simulation: Its Application to Telescope Stray Light Analysis"
  • J. Miñano (Univ. Politécnica de Madrid / Spain)
    "Freeform Optics for Virtual Reality"
  • U. Zeitner (Univ. Jena / Germany)
    "Microoptical Free-Forms: Design and Fabrication"
Category 2. Optical Components / Devices
  • A. Erdmann (Fraunhofer IISB / Germany)
    "Understanding and Optimization of Imaging for EUV Lithography"
  • B. Kress (Microsoft Hololens / USA)
    "Optical Challenges for Next Generation Mixed Reality Headsets"
  • N. Quack (EPFL / Switzerland)
    "Micro- and Nanostructuring of Single Crystal Diamond for Photonic Applications"
  • D. Tsai (Academia Sinica / Taiwan)
    "Meta-Lens: Fabrication, Design and Applications"
Category 3. Optical Systems
  • C. Buisset (National Astronomical Research Inst. of Thailand / Thailand)
    "The Evanescent Wave Coronagraph: Design, Performance, and Perspectives for Ground and Space Based Observations"
  • S. Hiura (Hiroshima City Univ. / Japan)
    "Computational Imaging: Optics Designed as Primary Image Processor"
  • W. Osten (ITO Stuttgart / Germany)
    "Different Approaches for Resolution Enhancement in Optical Micro and Nano Metrology"
  • S. Tyo (The Univ. of New South Wales Canberra / Australia)
    "Designing Channel Structures in Multi-Domain Modulated Polarimeter"
Category 4. New Technologies
  • F. Capasso (Harvard Univ. / USA)
    "Flat Optics: from Metalenses to Structured Light"
  • C. Denz (Westfälische Wilhelms-Univ. Münster / Germany)
    "To be determined"
  • W. Kim (Honam Univ. / Korea)
    "Investigation to Achieve Higher Resolution in STED Nanoscopy"
  • T. Lu (National Taiwan Normal Univ. / Taiwan)
    "Structured Light Generated by Vortex Plates and Spatial Light Modulators"
  • K. Matsushima (Kansai Univ. / Japan)
    "Very Large-Scale Computer-Generated Hologram for 3D Display"